If you have a bunch of proffessional and home video records this application will classify them by faces or scenes so you can quickly find people, objects or context.

Your home video library will become more organized. For the birthday of your daughter you will quickly find all video records related to her. Or you can search for records where you are near your car, or your son and your dog are together, or someone is holding a bottle in his hand...

Every day news media create millions of hours of video content. Nobody can find anything there, but Fabula can show you all the stories with Mr.Trump face or everything related to the animal world...

Examples show you how the neural network classifies content of video records. Upload a video record and you will know what criteria you can use to search for wanted content.

Select objects for searching by the neural network.

Fabula application implements powerful technology for face idenification. If you buy the app you can assign names to the faces and then search for particular person in a large numbers of video records. You can test the quality of face recognition right now! Just upload any video recrod!

Upload mp4 file not exceeding 100MB
Maximum file size: